November Mini Game Jam

I’ve come to love game jams for the opportunity to try out new technology without having to worry about productivity. After two episodes of HTML5 + JavasScript I decided to dust of my C++ skills. This jams themes were:

  • “The war is over. We lost.”
  • “Doom, but you can talk to the monsters”
  • “Camouflage”

I decided to take up “Doom, but you can talk to the monsters”. First I started out trying to mod Doom. After two hours I had spent a lot of time on 90’s websites and struggled with multiple editors, but the only result was that I got to play Doom for the first time. After that I made the decision to pick up my initial plan and downloaded SFML. I took some of the Doom graphics and and a few sounds and made “Monsters can’t do Math” (get it here). It’s not that great of a game, but I learned the basics of SFML which opens up another way to leave XNA behind me.


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