October Mini Game Jam

ImageThe October Game Jam was just two short weeks after the September one. The themes were:

  • No turn back
  • Panic
  • Trapping enemies

I decided to go with HTML5 + JavaScript again, because I really like the ease of sharing those games. No one wants to spent time downloading a 8 hour game jam game. It’s even worse with XNA as you’ll probably have to install the runtime libraries as well. Plus it’s all open source and cross-platform that way.

The end product of this jam is “MAZEMORPH”. I did all the coding and Iwan the sound. Unfortunately I can’t get the sound working in the web version, it works fine if you download the source.

The game is about finding your way out of an ever-changing maze. You have to avoid traps, which decrease your FOV and increase the rate of which the labyrinths changes.

With this game the most time was spent on the implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm. You can have a look at it in the source, though it’s not pretty.

Play the game here and look at the code there.


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