December Mini Game Jam

I’ve decided to make a video of every game jam game I make. Most people wont download a 8 hour prototype and with a video you still get to show what you have done. This jams themes were;

  • Stealing things
  • Wait… it’s not what you think it is
  • Why do people run away from me?

I decided to go with “Stealing things” and make a classical capture the flag game. The mechanics of “Super Smash Balls” are inspired by ROFLNAUTS, the mini game which comes with Awesomenauts. That in turn is basically a simplified Super Smash Brothers clone. “Super Smash Balls” a two player game in which you can hit the other player. The more you get hit the further you will fly. I combined it with some tricks mentioned in this talk about making games “jucier”. The screenshake/tilt really add to the experience. It shows that you can make a game a lot more fun to play without changing the mechanics and highlights the importance of polish.



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