About Me

You can check out my LinkedIn page for a more comprehensive overview of what I do. For a short overview of the games I’ve made check out the Games page on this website.

I’m studying Computer Science at:

– RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen Logo

Currently doing my B.Sc. Expected graduation year: 2017.

Working as a student helper at the Visual Computing Institute on fabrication methods.

Places I’ve worked at:

– Microsoft

I’m working at Microsoft as a software engineering intern. Part of my work here is data analysis to gather business intelligence related to the Office Marketplace. I am writing tools to query data as well as visualize it.

– Klang Games


I’m working at Klang Games as a gameplay programmer and I get to do all kinds of interesting things, like writing a camera system for a 2D open world game, culling objects using a quad tree and porting the game to different platforms.


EUCROMA (European Cross Media Academy) – 2014

EUCROMA is a 5 month course offered by The Danish Filmschool. In 2014 around 60 students came together in Copenhagen and completed three cross media projects, each consisting of an animated short film and a game.

I worked as a programmer and, among other things, wrote a level editor for Meltdown and an UI system used by two of the three projects.


  • Meltdown (Unity3D, Mobile,  Android)
  • Space Team: Pocket Planets (Unity3D, Mobile, Android)

– Newtracks – 2013

I did a 4 month internship as a Game Programmer at Newtracks. We used Unity3D to prototype game ideas for clients. I wrote a system that allowed users to draw a race track onto an image taken with the phone’s camera. Tasks I completed were for example restricting the track according to game design specification, analyzing images to assign different surface features to parts of the track and procedurally generating the race track geometry.

Brightside Games – (2012, 2013)

I did several short internships at Brightside Games. All of them while I was still in High School. Among other things I worked on performance optimization for mobile platforms, implementing an achievement system and making the controls for SPiN WARS completely rebindable (taking into account Keyboard, Mouse, GamePads and special controllers).