zaphod is a raytracer running on the CPU. I started this project to refresh my 3D math and C++ skills. It’s really basic at the moment, but I plan to use it as a basis for further experimentation.bonus2113/zaphod


Otherside is a VM running SPIR-V code on the CPU

This is an implementation of the SPIR-V, the new intermediate language defined by Khronos.
See the official specification here: SPIR-V 1.0

It also produces C like code that represents the given SPIR-V file (for easier reading).


Fast image comparison and diffing in C++ (with a C# binding)

Inspired by resemble.js

Basically exactly the same functionality, just not JS. (i.e. faster, uses SSE2, small memory footprint)

Build bindings\ImageDiff for an easy to use C# binding.


I recently took over the Spriter integration for Unity. We are using Spriter for one of our projects and Spriter2Unity was abandoned with a few major bugs. The plugin creates native Unity prefabs and animations which can be used in Mecanim which makes the imported assets quite nice to work with.